1861 Candles

                                                    Scented Minie Ball wax melts

   Hand crafted minie ball replica wax melts can be used in any tart warmer and available in all scents.

                                                         Approx 10 per bag

                                                                $3 each

                          Our Products

                                         10 oz. Apothecary style glass jar candle                                                  

                      Our 10 oz. apothecary style glass jar candle is available in any of our scents.

                                                                   $10.00 each

                                            6 oz. Victorian Style glass jar candle

                            Our 6 oz. Victorian Style Glass Jar Candles come in all of our scents!

                                                                    $5 each

                                                     4 oz. Room Spray Fresheners

                           Our 4 oz. room spray fresheners are also available in all scents!

                                                              $5 each

                                                     3 oz. Soy wax melt tarts

                                                        Our 3 oz. wax tart melts

                                                                   $3 each

                                             2 oz. Burnless Car Freshener Tins

Our 2 oz. burn-free car fresheners tins are also available in all scents. When the scent seems to be

                 fading,  just scrape off the top layer, and it's just as good as new!

                                                            $4 each